Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You know you're a Hippy Republican when . . . .

I believe it was my wonderful husband that first assigned to me the title of "Hippy Republican". I believe it was several years ago during one of our many hot-tub debates amid a few glasses of wine and much spirited banter for which I say . . . thank you.  I now know it be an accurate description of my politics and probably my life in that it depicts what seems at first to be two opposing viewpoints but is in fact quite a harmonious state of being.  I am assured of the possibility of the existence of others out there like me and to that end, I dip my toe into the collective pool to offer contemplation and the comfort of possibly belonging to a kindred group that must surely be made up of empathy and hopefully some intelligence; that we might find each other and commiserate about the things that fundamentally make up a Hippy Republican.
 You may be a Hippy Republican if . . . .
  • You want to do your part to take care of the planet
  • Things don't matter, people do.
  • Bicycling is a valuable mode of transportation i.e. it's green, it's healthy, it's fun!
  • Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime.
  • Big Government vs. Big Business -  The bigger the government, the smaller the person.  Just a thought: although big business definitely can partake in it's share of evil-doing; I'm not aware so far of a business committing genocide. 
  • Being fiscally conservative is a positive attribute
  • Love God, love people, love the planet . . .
  • Women's rights: - for them; Infant's rights: -for them too :)  I wonder . .  if we had the futuristic ability/technology to "transport" an infant from a mother's womb to an incubator with no harm to the mother or the infant, what then would be a valid reason to deny that infant their shot at life? 
  • Population control: See #2 above
  • to be continued . . .